4th edition of the IOSA Scientific Seminars

On December 14th the 4th edition of the IOSA scientific seminars will take place. As in the last years, these seminars are open to all the staff of the Institute of Optics: pre- and post-doctoral researchers, technicians, as well as senior researchers, and, of course, all the IOSA members or IO members. The aim is presenting the different lines of research developed in the Institute and promoting discussion between the different groups. Moreover this year, thanks to the OSA Travelling Lecturer Program, we are delighted to inform you that we will count on the presence of a renowned speaker, Prof. Ursula Keller, from ETH Zurich (Switzerland), who will give a seminar on “Attosecond Ionization Dynamics and Time Delays”.

Save the date:

14th December 2017 at 10:30am
Salón de Actos IQFR-CSIC

Abstract of Prof. Ursula Keller’s talk:

The basic motivation is to understand and ultimately control how matter functions at the electronic, atomic and molecular level. Initially our focus is on the question how quanta of energy and charge are transported on an atomic spatial and attosecond time scale. In principle, time dependent-processes in quantum mechanics are described by the time-dependent Schrödinger Equation (TDSE). The challenge is that the TDSE in most cases cannot be solved without approximations and that time is not an operator and therefore not a direct observable. This talk will review the recent progress in attosecond ionization dynamics and time delays in photoemission and tunnel ionization. Following the peak of an electron wavepacket for determining time delays can be tricky and often misleading.

See you at the Seminars!!

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