A major feat at Menorca

The team comprising of five members of IOSA went last weekend to Mahon in Menorca, to deliver the “All Optics” package to students and general public. The activity was conducted in a general library.

The basic optics workshop like Ray tracing, Laser puzzle, Color & Vision, Optical communications and “Magic with light” was attended by 165 young participants aged around 15 years. Contrary to regular workshops where the participants are usually passive observers, these interactive workshops facilitated active participation, therefore active learning.


Other highlights include lecture on basics of light and optics and sessions on making kaleidoscopes. Around 80 enthusiastic kids made their own Kaleidoscope. The event received wide media attention and great support from the organizers.

LecturesMediaThis second venture with Ciudad Ciencia, if anything, was a                                                                       wonderful repeat performance !

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