Andrea Blanco-Redondo: an OSA Ambassador visit us

Today, 24th of July, Dr. Andrea Blanco Redondo visited us from Australia!! She came to the Institute of Optics and lot of interested people attended her seminary.

In the first part of she explained us who her career started  and gave us an overview of her journey in photonics research. Then, she explained her actual field of research: nonlinear and topological nanophotonics, including the experimental discovery of a new type of soliton and a route to robust entangled photonic states. Finally, Andre focused on giving professional development tips for us, students and young researchers, including different OSA programs and opportunities.

Then, we ate all the chapter members with her. Lot of croquetas and Spanish omelette for everybody!!!!!

At the end of the day, Andrea shared a coffee with assistants to #WomeninOpticsCSIC monthly coffee, where we talked about different situations that we have lived and who to react when gender inequality is questioned.


We think that it was a really complete experience and we really enjoy time with Andrea!

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