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Researchers’ Night – Gran Yincana Cientifica @ MNCN

IOSA participated in the Gran Yincana Cientifica, an event conceived for the European Researchers’ Night 2016. The event was organized by the National Museum of Natural Sciences. We presented brand-new workshops on the interface between optics, physics, and the natural … Sigue leyendo

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IOSA Scientific Seminars

IOSA held the 2nd edition of What’s Up In Physics, our series of seminars about hot topics in physics. The subject of this session was Microscopy, and we had two great talks by Dr. Cristina Flors from IMDEA, and Dr. … Sigue leyendo

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3rd Edition of IOSA Scientific Seminars

This September, IOSA is celebrating its 3rd edition of the IOSA Scientific Seminars. This activity consists of short 6 minute presentations by pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and tenured researchers from the Institute of Optics. The last two editions have been a big success … Sigue leyendo

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We’re Back!

IOSA’s website has been down for a while but we are now back. We will be updating shortly with photos and information from our 2016 activities and future plans!

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IOSA merges with EPS Young Mings Madrid Chapter

IOSA is happy to announce that we have merged with the EPS Young Minds Chapter from the Institute of Optics and will now do activities as IOSA OSA-EPS Student Chapter. This will expand our activities into physics and give us … Sigue leyendo

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Dr. Irene Kochevar meets with IOSA!!!

It will be an interesting evening for the IOSA when they have coffee with Prof Kochevar, the pioneer in Photobonding, discussing the developments in Optics and Biomechanics. Dr. Irene Kochevar is a photochemist and biochemist whose research has advanced our … Sigue leyendo

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Welcome to IOSA Experience

This is a short video summarizing various activities of IOSA!!!

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New Board Members

Happy New Year to all!!! It is a pleasure to start the blog with the announcement of the (s)election of the new board members of IOSA. We welcome the new board members. Wishing all the members a fruitful year of Optics … Sigue leyendo

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