CEIP JOSÉ DE ECHEGARAY School (4 years old)

On 6th of March, we visited José de Echegaray School and did an activity in which we explained some of our workshops to 4 years old children.

Before starting with the workshops, we introduced ourselves so that they knew who we were, where we were coming from and what we were doing there as part of IOSA Outreach Group.

Since they were 4 groups of 25 kids, we took one group each hour and divided them in 4 smaller groups so that each group did a 15 minutes workshop and then rotated until they all saw the four workshops we brought to this school (fluorescence, ray tracing, visual perception and changes in the index of refraction). Then, the next group of 25 kids enter into the classroom and we repited the same procedure.

It seem that all kids had a good time seeing and hearing our explanations as they participated with us when we asked questions, they wanted to investigate with the things we had there and they were very happy with the fluorescence bracelet we gave them in one of the workshops.


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