Ciencia en el Barrio IES CIUDAD DE LOS ÁNGELES

As part of the CSIC divulgation program ‘Ciencia en el barrio’ we visited IES Ciudad de los Ángeles high school in Madrid on 29th of March. The main purpose of the activity was to explain some workshops to the students so they can repeat them and explain it to younger children and later in a science fair to children of other high schools on May.

At the beginning of the activity we were introduced by the ‘Ciencia en el barrio’ organizer and then we gave a brief explanation of our research at the labs. We continue to explain two workshops: ray tracing and pseudo-holography.

With the ray tracing workshop different concepts of geometric optic and human vision system were explained to the students. Next we showed them how to create a pseudo-hologram using a smartphone and a plastic sheet.

To finish the activity we divided the students in two groups of 15 people and gave them the materials so they can do the workshops by themselves and answered all their questions about both workshops.


The activity was recorded by a producer !!

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