Ciencia es femenino

Ciencia es femenino is the event that IOSA organized on the occasion of the International Day of Woman and girls in Science. We wanted to talk about who is the situation of women in science, starting with who children, the future of the society, think that a person who work on science is. For that, we contacted with the teacher of a school that IOSA will visit next month, CEIP El Vellón. They sent us 34 for pictures, really funny and interesting, but in only 9 of them appear women. These are the pictures:

  • Escaneo
  • Escaneo0004
  • Escaneo0003
  • Escaneo0002
  • Escaneo0001
  • Escaneo0007
  • Escaneo0006
  • Escaneo0005
  • Escaneo0012
  • Escaneo0011
  • Escaneo0010
  • Escaneo0008
  • Escaneo0017
  • Escaneo0015
  • Escaneo0014
  • Escaneo0013
  • Escaneo0019
  • Escaneo0018
  • Escaneo0016
  • Escaneo0020
  • Escaneo0023
  • Escaneo0022
  • Escaneo0021
  • Escaneo0025
  • Escaneo0024
  • Escaneo0027
  • Escaneo0026
  • Escaneo0031
  • Escaneo0030
  • Escaneo0029
  • Escaneo0028
  • Escaneo0032
  • Escaneo0033

We invite some interesting women to talk about the absence of the women in Science that children:

  • Mª Jesús del Río Alcalde is the chief of the president office and she explain us differences between girls and boys in a pre-university period.
  • Pilar López Sancho, form Comisión de Mujeres del CSIC, told us about numbers of women in science, and in CSIC specifically.
  • Juana Bellanato Fontecha, who used to be professor at CSIC, remember her experience since she started the scientific carrier on 40’s.
  • Mª Luisa Calvo Padilla could provide us her point of view as professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • Susana Marcos talk about her experience as a woman in science.

Mª Jasús del Río Alcade explaning us about pre-university period

Pilar López Sancho talking about numbers in CSIC

Also we could talk about different topics, such as the representation of women on textbooks, the importance of having references and good teachers. We knew some studies about the perception of girls and boys about themselves and some survey about the time that women and men spend looking after others.

There was an enthusiastic public that made lot of questions and share their opinion and experiences.

At the end, we could eat some sandwich to continue talking and meeting us and we could observe all pictures more relaxed:

Thank you so much to everybody for coming and see you next time!

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