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On March 21st and 22nd IOSA participated once again in the outreach activity «Descubriendo la luz» (Discovering light), framing in the program Ciudad Ciencia. The project is organized by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and brings into small towns the recent advances on science and technology, as well as playful workshops to illustrate and explain science on different fields.

In this edition the activity was conducted in Jumilla, a town with around 25.000 inhabitants, located in the region of Murcia. Jumilla is worldwide famous for their vines, but also it is field of delightful fruits, as pears. To manage the workshop, the Jumilla Team, integrated by Rocio, Esther and Diego, was mobilized to the town, bringing with them three different workshops related with distinct aspects of light: fluorescence & phosphorescence, ray tracing & visual optics and optical fibers & communications.

The first day the activity was realized at the afternoon, in the «Centro Integrado de Formación y Experiencias Agrarias de Jumillas» (CIFEA). The workshops were opened to general public and about 60 kids, some of them with their parents, enjoyed with the experiments. In addition, a group of 20 persons with mental disabilities shared with the Jumilla Team the passion for learning and discovering.

The morning of the 22nd the workshops were delivered to the Secondary School Infanta Elena. Around 85 students, two groups of 4th ESO and one of 2nd Bachiller, explored the properties of light together with their teachers. The students were very involved and enthusiastic with the project, paying a deal of attention and asking interested questions.

The activity was very gratifying, for both participants and Jumilla Team. Who knows where we will go the next time, we can’t wait for the next destination!


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