Day of Photonics+more…

After the days of calm, comes the time of whirlwind for IOSA….

Mark your calenders, for we are back with activities for the next quarter.

It is not only the year of light, but also the centennary of Photonics…So we support the celebration of Photonics day, the 21st October, 2014, by organizing a interactive seminar+demonstration of laser (From history to applications).  We will also launch our newest activity-The Khet tournament…a strategy game played with optical elements and LASERs. Yes, we are going commercial. Oh and by the way, IOSA has big things planned for the year of light too…

Frontiers in Optics: Mario Garcia and Maria Vinas, will present a poster at the annual OSA meeting in the Joint poster sessions I and II (respectively). Happy networking!!!

13th Week of Science…yes, yes, the activities for this year’s week of Science are scheduled on 13th November, 2014. What’s new this year? We have an entirely new workshop based on fluorescence. Come and check it out for more details.

Well, always “more is less”….So more following the activities…

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