“Discovering Light”

Laying the cornerstone for the activities of the Internation Year of Light was the Scientific outreach course organized by Cultura Cientifica of CSIC. Maria Vinas and Mario Garcia from IOSA participated in the interactive seminar organized by CC and lectured on “Optics and Light” as they, see for the fellow scientists at CSIC, Madrid, in June 2014.

Here’s what Maria says about the activity….

“Optics and Light properties can be explained in an easy-fun way. Complex concepts, present in our day life, can be understood using funny “optical games”.  The goal of the interactive workshop was first to show “how to build an optics outreach activity from the basics”: design, materials, failures, etc. In summary… how to build “optical games”. Finally we replicate the “Discovering Light” workshop from Ciudad-Ciencia to show the participants the dynamics of a real scientific outreach activity. In summary, we had fun showing other scientists how we play with Optics & Light!!!”

…More updates as we go on year of light

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