Feria Madrid por la Ciencia

On Sunday 31 March, we had the opportunity to participate in the Madrid por la Ciencia. Its main objective is to spread in the school environment and in society in general, scientific culture and research, to encourage scientific vocations by eliminating gender barriers, to communicate science and innovation that takes place in our universities, research centers and Companies, stimulate interest and curiosity in the science of young people, and show how science influences economic development and social welfare, fostering the competitiveness of companies through innovation.


The IOSA Group was in Stand of the CSIC, representing the outreach group of Institute of Optics.

We were explaining to the walkers of the Fair three workshops: ray tracing, visual optics, properties of light and optical fibers. There were many families with small children, curious young people and not so young people but just as curious, with many questions.

It was a very rewarding experience. We also had the opportunity to visit other Stand, and learn about other activities. We are not left with some of the ideas to be included in our workshops.



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