Last Friday, April 20th, we had the pleasure of doing an outreach activity in support of HACKATHON GETAFE (Getafe, Madrid), which had an important topic: ‘Design of technological solutions to improve day-to-day life of people with disabilities’.

While the contestants participated in the HACKATON, thinking about technological solutions to the problems raised in the forum, relatives and visitors roamed around the other workshops (among which IOSA’s) located in the venue, some with simultaneous translation in sign language.

In the big bright space of a former market, we decided to present our Ray Tracing & Vision and Optical Communications workshops.

Attendees have been especially curious about refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia) and understanding why people wear glasses, considering most of them wore glasses.  But after the explanation, they were very satisfied having understood the basic principles of visual optics.

In the optical communications workshops, we woke up the interest especially of kids, keen in discovering the ‘mystery’ of how light can transport information and realizing how fibre optics are convenient, to listen to music or the audio of their favourite cartoon.

It has been a good experience for IOSA, participating in this kind of event gave us a different perspective and helped/trained us in being able to explain the same concepts in a lot of different ways.

We hope to participate in similar events again soon. 👏👏👏

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