IOSA Seminars 2018

Past 12th of December, IOSA organized the 5th edition of IOSA Seminars, a great opportunity to show other colleges of the Institute of Optics in what you are working on, and also to know about the research of other groups.

We started with a guest talk of Prof. Javier Alda, from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, talking about Resonant optics for light manipulation and detection

After that, we had a very special and Spanish networking break: chocolate con churros!

Once we were happily full, we started with the talks. 3 IOSA members were part of the scientific cammittee: Frances Gallazzi, Rocío Gutierrez and Clara Benedí and 7 young researchers explained about very different topics:

  1. Esther Soria Sensing chip for POPs detection in water
  2. Andres de la Hoz Silk photobonding to corneal tissues
  3. Alba Espina Raman and SERS characterization of Iron Gall Inks
  4. Sara Aissati Testing the effect of ocular aberrations on perceived Transverse Chromatic Aberration
  5. Carlos Honrado-Benítez Narrowband coatings for Lyman β imaging
  6. Judith Birkenfeld Towards non-invasive assessments of corneal biomechanics
  7. Jesús Ruiz-Santaquiteria Alegre Automatic diatom identification for water quality assessment (AQUALITAS)Here, you can see IOSA members with the speakers of the day:

After so many interesting talks, we finished with part of the speech of Donna Strickland, who received Nobel prize of physics past 10th of December.

After the seminars, Prof Alda visited our laboratories:

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