Joining hands and spreading roots


IOSA is proud to announce its latest venture with Ciudad Ciencia to take optics further. Ciudad Ciencia is an subsidiary organization of CSIC, that integrates the optics and society. With this collaboration, IOSA goes to the towns outside Madrid to conduct a number of  workshops teaching the concept of Optics and light, highlight being a DIY Kaleidoscope session for the kids.

End of March marks the beginning of the new IOSA activity. The first step of this long-term association begins at Fuerteventura and Menorca. Some members will travel to FuerteVentura in the last weekend of March and to Menorca during the second weekend of April, with the optics teaching kits for teaching kids optics. Around 75 kids and twice as much adults are expected to participate in each Island.

Looking forward to the days of Optics “By the people and For the people”. Science+Fun: What more can we ask!!!

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