IOSA knows how to throw a party. Last Friday 28th of September IOSA gathered at Cafetería RICK’S in Madrid to open the new year of activities after summer holidays, welcome (or trap XD) new members and celebrate a great achievement: IOSA won the humor category of OSA comic poster competition. IOSA scientific and communication skills teamed up with those of graphic artist Kilian Olmos to create “Smokey Joe Feat. The Tyndall effect”, or “as a funny story can teach you something about science”.  In this case the Tyndall effect, something we have all seen hundreds of times but maybe not everyone is able to put a name to it. So check the poster to learn more!

The night out was great: food, drinks, dancing and fun for everyone. And as an outcome IOSA is growing in number and we got a lot of publicity.

A lot of activities are already work in progress for the new year: stay tuned and do not miss any of them!


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