IOSA brings Optics to Ubrique, Cádiz

IOSA travels with Ciudad Ciencia program again! This time, we brought our Discovering Light workshop to Ubrique (Cádiz). We set it up at CEIP Ramón Crossa, and students from other schools came there. We carried out our workshop to 4th grade students of CEIP Ramón Crossa, Reina Sofía, Víctor de la Serna and Sagrado Corazón. It was a very enriching and children enjoyed and asked a lot of questions. The phosphorescence photocall was the cherry on top!

IOSA’s Discovering Light workshop was such a big event in the town that local media came to interview us!!

These are the links to all our interviews: (from minute 19:20)


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IOSA brings Optics to Gáldar, Gran Canaria

IOSA has travelled to Gáldar (Gran Canaria) to carry out our ‘Discovering Light’ workshop. We performed this activity as part of the Ciudad Ciencia program, which is organized by our institution, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and funded by Obra Social la Caixa. Its aim is to bring scientific outreach activities to towns in Spain where these activities are not easy to happen. IOSA carried out the workshop at CEIP Sardina del Norte and CEIP Fernando Guanarteme schools, to children of the 5th and 6th grade. We showed them our fiber optics, fluorescence, colour, ray tracing and vision workshops. The children were very surprised with the properties of light concerning their daily life. They were full of questions and energy to interact with us.

In the morning we Discovered Light with children and in the afternoon with grown-ups, in Centro Cultural Guaires. Just as children, they asked curiosities and enjoyed the experimental demonstrations.

It was an unforgettable experience!!!

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March for Science

IOSA could not miss it! On April 22nd, we joined hundreds of people for the March of Science in Madrid, and thousands of them all around the world!

We were reclaiming the importance of scientific research as well as a better science policy and working conditions for researchers.

Progress without Science cannot be conceived!!


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Learning about Scientific Productivity

Last April, we had a talk by Dr. Carlos Dorronsoro (Institute of Optics, CSIC) about Scientific Productivity. We learnt what the h-index is, citations, impact factor, the different types of publications, etc.

These are important terms all researchers have to know!




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IOSA @ Alkal’a Nahar High School

IOSA performed the ‘Discovering Light’ workshop for students of 1st and 2nd year of Bachillerato, in the High School of Excellence Alkal’a Nahar. The specific workshops that were carried out were: Fluorescence, Ray Tracing, Vision and Fiber Optics.

Students were very surprised with the applications that these phenomena, related t the properties of light, have in their daily life.

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Researchers’ Night – Gran Yincana Cientifica @ MNCN

IOSA participated in the Gran Yincana Cientifica, an event conceived for the European Researchers’ Night 2016. The event was organized by the National Museum of Natural Sciences. We presented brand-new workshops on the interface between optics, physics, and the natural world, with new workshops on iridescence, fluorescence, and visual optics in the animal kingdom. We had a huge crowd of attendees who enjoyed the workshops and the experience. We will be repeating this activity for the 2016 Week of Science. We’re excited about our new workshops!

dsc_0659 dsc_0665 dsc_0731 dsc_0733 dsc_0734

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IOSA Scientific Seminars

IOSA held the 2nd edition of What’s Up In Physics, our series of seminars about hot topics in physics. The subject of this session was Microscopy, and we had two great talks by Dr. Cristina Flors from IMDEA, and Dr. James Germann from CSIC Institute of Optics.

Thanks to the EPS for funding this activity!


img_2532 img_2519 img_2535

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3rd Edition of IOSA Scientific Seminars

This September, IOSA is celebrating its 3rd edition of the IOSA Scientific Seminars. This activity consists of short 6 minute presentations by pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and tenured researchers from the Institute of Optics. The last two editions have been a big success and we are very excited to continue with this activity. There’s still time to submit!


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We’re Back!

IOSA’s website has been down for a while but we are now back. We will be updating shortly with photos and information from our 2016 activities and future plans!

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IOSA’s Activities 2015

2015 was a very busy year for IOSA. Between IYL activities and our regular work, our workshops reached more people than usual.

On October 31st, IOSA brought its “Discovering Light” workshops to La Casa Encendida, a cultural center in central Madrid. For four hours, children of all ages and their parents were treated to multiple workshops as well as optics-related games and activities.

On November 12th, IOSA participated in the Week of Science in Madrid, furthering our yearly involvement in this activity. Children from Madrid visited the Institute of Optics and were able to participate in our workshops as well as in a laser maze built in the labs of the Institute.

On 19th and 20th of November IOSA participated to a new activity of “Ciudad Ciencia” in Los Llanos de Aridane (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). The “Discovering Light” workshops were held for more than a hundred primary school children and for general public, which had the chance to have a first-hand approach with color, vision, ray tracing, fluorescence and optical communications.

Besides these activities, IOSA continued bringing its workshops to schools and hospitals at a rate of one per month.

We will be updating the website with more information soon.


Iosa_2015 (1)

IOSA scientific seminars 2nd Edition

IOSA workshops at Alava Ingenieros

IOSA workshops at Alava Ingenieros



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