We’re Back!

IOSA’s website has been down for a while but we are now back. We will be updating shortly with photos and information from our 2016 activities and future plans!

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IOSA’s Activities 2015

2015 was a very busy year for IOSA. Between IYL activities and our regular work, our workshops reached more people than usual.

On October 31st, IOSA brought its “Discovering Light” workshops to La Casa Encendida, a cultural center in central Madrid. For four hours, children of all ages and their parents were treated to multiple workshops as well as optics-related games and activities.

On November 12th, IOSA participated in the Week of Science in Madrid, furthering our yearly involvement in this activity. Children from Madrid visited the Institute of Optics and were able to participate in our workshops as well as in a laser maze built in the labs of the Institute.

On 19th and 20th of November IOSA participated to a new activity of “Ciudad Ciencia” in Los Llanos de Aridane (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). The “Discovering Light” workshops were held for more than a hundred primary school children and for general public, which had the chance to have a first-hand approach with color, vision, ray tracing, fluorescence and optical communications.

Besides these activities, IOSA continued bringing its workshops to schools and hospitals at a rate of one per month.

We will be updating the website with more information soon.


Iosa_2015 (1)

IOSA scientific seminars 2nd Edition

IOSA workshops at Alava Ingenieros

IOSA workshops at Alava Ingenieros



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IOSA merges with EPS Young Mings Madrid Chapter

IOSA is happy to announce that we have merged with the EPS Young Minds Chapter from the Institute of Optics and will now do activities as IOSA OSA-EPS Student Chapter. This will expand our activities into physics and give us more opportunities to do networking and educational outreach.

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IOSA @ Hospital Niño Jesús

IOSA members taught a workshop with the title “Discovering Light” to students of the Hospital Niño Jesús school in Madrid. The activities were carried out with the collaboration of Paloma Fernández member of the Permanent Commission of the Program ENCIENDE (ENSEÑANZA DE LAS CIENCIAS EN LA DIDÁCTICA ESCOLAR) and the personal of the Hospital. The kids enjoyed the workshops and they had a lot of fun with the experiments.


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IOSA visit Colegio Montessori

Four members of IOSA spent time teaching Optics to the young students of school Montessori in Madrid.  36 kids between 6 and 11 years old attended the workshop. Activities included: color and vision, ray tracing, optical communications, laser puzzle and magic with light.

Photos by Paloma Arroyo @CSICdivulga

DSC_1122   DSC_1033   DSC_1052   DSC_1057   DSC_1070   DSC_1080   DSC_1085   DSC_1097   DSC_1111

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IOSA visits Hospital de Alcorcon

Two IOSA members visited the Aula Hospitalaria of the Hospital Universitario Fundacion de Alcorcon. This time our special and unique audience included 10 lovely, brilliant, hospitalised children. The workshop named Playing with light was taught on March 23, 2015 from 10:00 to 12:30, in the framework of the activities organized by the CSIC within the celebration of the international year of light 2015.

2015-03-23 10.27.25   2015-03-23 10.30.57   2015-03-23 10.37.41   2015-03-23 11.07.35   2015-03-23 11.17.36   2015-03-23 11.32.40

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IOSA Visits Colegio Mejico

Another IOSA workshop session has taken place last February 26th. This time the stage was Colegio Mejico in Madrid where four of us had an uplifting experience thanks to extraordinarily smart kids and exceptionally big-hearted teachers…pictures speak for themselves!

taller iosa 11   taller luz iosa 2   taller iosa 7   taller iosa 14   taller iosa 3

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IOSA @ CEIP Ramiro de Maeztu

IOSA members taught a workshop about fluorescence and optical communications to students of 5th and 6th level of primary school in the CEIP Ramiro de Maeztu in Madrid under the International Year of Light outreach activities.

camara cole 343     camara cole 350

camara cole 388     camara cole 396

camara cole 415     IMG_20150204_153721197_HDR

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IOSA @ Barbastro for Ciudad Ciencia

Last Thursday and Friday, February 12th and 13th a IOSA delegation visited Barbastro. Two days of fun and exciting science for local schools.

IMG-20150211-WA0002         IMG-20150212-WA0016

IMG-20150212-WA0030         IMG-20150212-WA0028


IMG-20150212-WA0024      IMG-20150212-WA0018      IMG-20150212-WA0021      IMG-20150212-WA0035      IMG-20150212-WA0032

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Fluorescence Workshop

On 17th of January, Juan Luis García Pomar (member of IOSA) and Rocío Gutiérrez Contreras made a workshop about fluorescence in the program for students with high IQ of Comunidad de Madrid in the I.E.S. Pedro Duque in Leganés. More information in: http://www.educa2.madrid.org/web/peac/dat-madrid-sur/-/visor/fluorescencia-otra-luz-otro-mundoP1050002



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