IOSA @ CEIP Ramiro de Maeztu

IOSA members taught a workshop about fluorescence and optical communications to students of 5th and 6th level of primary school in the CEIP Ramiro de Maeztu in Madrid under the International Year of Light outreach activities.

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IOSA @ Barbastro for Ciudad Ciencia

Last Thursday and Friday, February 12th and 13th a IOSA delegation visited Barbastro. Two days of fun and exciting science for local schools.

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Fluorescence Workshop

On 17th of January, Juan Luis García Pomar (member of IOSA) and Rocío Gutiérrez Contreras made a workshop about fluorescence in the program for students with high IQ of Comunidad de Madrid in the I.E.S. Pedro Duque in Leganés. More information in:



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Veritas High School @ CSIC

Last 15th January the Institute of Optics received the visit of a group of students of the Veritas High School from Pozuelo de Alarcon. They followed a very busy program. First a round table with senior researchers, later visits to the labs of the Center of Physics and, finally a meeting with IOSA students.

We had a really nice talk about scientific career, science, research, life and more!! A great experience for everybody!



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Discovering Light: IOSA brings its workshops to Barbastro


In 2015, IOSA continues its collaboration with Ciudad Ciencia, a subsidiary organization of CSIC, which sponsors scientific outreach activities across Spain.

As part of the International Year of Light celebrations, IOSA will bring a new edition of our Discovering Light workshop to the town of Barbastro, in the province of Huesca.

The workshop will be held on February 12th and 13th at the Barbastro Congress and Exhibition Centre. Students from the 5 schools in Barbastro as well as adults and walk-ins will participate in the workshops, for an expected attendance of around 160-200.

Through our interactive and exciting activities, the attendees will learn about light, color, visual optics, communications, guiding light, and optical illusions.




Relevant links:

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International Year of Light 2015



IOSA is proud to participate in the International Year of Light celebrations taking place in 2015.

IOSA will participate in numerous scientific outreach activities throughout the year to educate and entertain through knowledge of optics. We will bring our Discovering Light workshop to schools and other institutions, and teach people about light and its capabilities.

Our current scheduled activities are:

  • February  26th – Colegio Méjico
  • March 24th – Colegio Montessori

Additional activities will be added to IOSA’s calendar once confirmed. Additional activities from Institute of Optics members can be consulted here.

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Professional networking seminar_Program

The excitement is palpable, for we have 18 presenters ready to share their scientific and science-related experiences, on 9th Dec 2015 from 11am to 1pm. Detailed program and abstracts are available here.

Warm welcome to all, come to show and know.

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Scientific seminars for social networking

IOSA (IO OSA student chapter) carries out several outreach activities to spread Optics Science among general population. This activity is developed by the IOSA members: young researchers, pre‐ and post‐doctoral students of the Institute of Optics (CSIC), working on different fields related to Optics such as visual optics and biophotonics, lasers, digital processing of images, fiber optics or theoretical and experimental studies on the optical properties of matter. Moreover, IOSA wants to contribute to the professional and scientific development of the students of the Institute of Optics, individually and as a group.

For that reason, IOSA, in collaboration with the Institute of Optics (CSIC), has organized a series of scientific seminars open to all the staff of the Institute of Optics: technicians, pre‐and post‐doctoral researchers, as well as senior researchers, including all the IOSA members willing to participate. These seminars aim to create a friendly environment for scientific discussions in the topics of the different lines of research developed in the IO‐CSIC. IO‐students will professionally and scientifically benefit from these seminars, thus they will have the chance to work in a conference‐like atmosphere, to prepare a good talk, to answer tough questions from partners and senior researchers and to be questioned by their peers.

IOSA invites all the scientific community of the Institute of Optics to participate in the first edition of the IOSA scientific seminars for social networking.

More details here.

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Week of Science

The annual event of Week of Science was different in a number of ways compared to the previous years. Two new workshops (plus some old ones) made all the difference. The workshop on Fluorescence demonstrated the various uses of fluorescence in day-day lives. The diffraction workshop with its improved video hologram took the magic of light to a different level. We had a total participation of 40 people, but the more notable fact was the enthusiastic participation of young boys and girls from high school, for whom the workshops were not merely obligatory.

Photos to follow…

PS: Were you at our WoS activities?

Please fill out the following feedback form

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Fellows in FIO

Two contributions from IOSA members Maria Vinas and Mario Garcia was well received at the FiO, Oct 2014 conference at Tucson. Ms Vinas was also the proud recipient of the Emily Wolf award for the best presentation.


Also, Mario Garcia represented IOSA at the Student Leadership conference, October 2014 in Tucson. The conference discussed in detail the how to maintain the chapter, how to request for grants among other things. This was a great platform to network with other student chapters around the world. But the most impressive fact of the conference was the lectures by Scientific Stalwarts like Alain Aspect (Ives Prize 2013), WE Moermer (Nobel Prize, 2014), Olivier Guyon (MacArthur Fellow, 2012) and James Fisher (Vice President, Newport Corporation).


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