PEAC & IOSA – ‘Guess who women in science?’

Last 9th of February we visited PEAC (Programa de Enriquecimiento Educativo para Alumnos con Altas Capacidades)

In the first place, we gave an introductory talk about Who we are? Where we come from? and What we do? so that they could get to know the CSIC, the research organization, Institute of Optics which we both belong, and most importantly, the IOSA Outreach Group.   Then we gave importance to 11F the ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’.

We explained why this day was important and the need to make future generations aware of the role of women in science. And Women / Science have always existed, but due to different circumstances their knowledge has not been recognized.

Then we move to a more dynamic topic the game ‘Guess who women in science?’ , which consisted of three templates each with five scientists with different areas of knowledge; where only the name and date of birth and death (if they had it) were indicated. Next to it were two holes where the photo was to be pasted and a small description of the most important events. We tried to put a degree of medium difficulty since it was the first time.

The students were divided into groups of 5 people.

The students were corrected and scored themselves, according to a presentation where these scientists appeared and many more.

The gift for the winning team was a sample of polarization.

Finally, we went to the workshops divided the group 15 students each workshop, during 45min.  Both groups held the two workshops as they rotated.

  1. Optical fiber optical telecommunication
  2. Fluorescence and phosphorescence and applications.

Finally, a survey was carried out to determine the degree of satisfaction of the students, and in this way, improve as much as possible.


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