Prof. Ursula Keller visits us for the IOSA Scientific Seminars!

Last December we were pleased to host Prof. Ursula Keller’s at the IO-CSIC Student Chapter. The day started with lab visits, to show her the research being carried out at the Institute of Optics (IO-CSIC). Then, at the conference room, Prof. Keller gave her talk, titled Attosecond Ionization Dynamics and Time Delays. It was a very interesting look over quantum mechanics progress and the research done in her lab related to this topic. The audience, which included researchers from IO-CSIC as well as from other universities and institutes, was lively and showed their interest in the topic by asking many questions at the end.

Prof. Keller’s lecture was the kickoff to our IOSA Scientific Seminars. These one-day Seminars consist on short talks given by the researchers (pre-doc, post-doc, and tenured researchers) of the Institute, and the goal is for researchers to explain their current work in a lively, concise manner. These talks followed Prof. Keller’s talk and a coffee break intermission. They were a nice overview of the research that is being carried out at the IO-CSIC. Many questions from the audience came up as well.

Before having lunch, we gave Prof. Keller a short tour around our campus and talked about its history. She was quite excited to learn more about Spain’s history and culture, which she already had an affinity for.

Afterwards, the Student Chapter as well as our advisor, Prof. Susana Marcos, had lunch with Prof. Keller, and had the opportunity to talk to her about women in science and share different points of view. Ursula Keller was positively surprised by the high amount of female scientists that there are in our Student Chapter. We gave her some presents as souvenirs of her visit to our Chapter.

After lunch, we showed Prof. Keller another lab. This was the end of the “official” visit. Then, she invited us to have a drink in a bar. Besides her incredible resume, Ursula is a very approachable, kind and straightforward person and told us about her background and how she worked to get her current position. She also asked us about our career expectations and gave us very valuable advice.

Prof. Ursula Keller’s visit was great and we thank her for finding a spot in her tight schedule to visit us. We’d also like to thank the OSA Traveling Lecturer Program for giving us the opportunity to invite Ursula Keller and being always so helpful with our inquiries.

Prof. Ursula Keller during her talk

Ursula Keller with IOSA and the Scientific Seminars’ speakers

Free hour with Ursula Keller!

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