Scientific seminars for social networking

IOSA (IO OSA student chapter) carries out several outreach activities to spread Optics Science among general population. This activity is developed by the IOSA members: young researchers, pre‐ and post‐doctoral students of the Institute of Optics (CSIC), working on different fields related to Optics such as visual optics and biophotonics, lasers, digital processing of images, fiber optics or theoretical and experimental studies on the optical properties of matter. Moreover, IOSA wants to contribute to the professional and scientific development of the students of the Institute of Optics, individually and as a group.

For that reason, IOSA, in collaboration with the Institute of Optics (CSIC), has organized a series of scientific seminars open to all the staff of the Institute of Optics: technicians, pre‐and post‐doctoral researchers, as well as senior researchers, including all the IOSA members willing to participate. These seminars aim to create a friendly environment for scientific discussions in the topics of the different lines of research developed in the IO‐CSIC. IO‐students will professionally and scientifically benefit from these seminars, thus they will have the chance to work in a conference‐like atmosphere, to prepare a good talk, to answer tough questions from partners and senior researchers and to be questioned by their peers.

IOSA invites all the scientific community of the Institute of Optics to participate in the first edition of the IOSA scientific seminars for social networking.

More details here.

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