A Single-handed achievement

The feat of an IOSA member last November escalated IOSA to another level.

Pablo Perez Merino, a member of IOSA, along with some members of Fundacion Juntos Mejor went to Jean Rabel, Haiti during November 2013. In addition to rendering the duties as an optometrist (that included refraction and spectacle dispensing), Pablo went to a local school and did some optics workshops.

With the school teachers assisting him, he conducted the basic OSA Optical suitcase workshops. The properties of light like reflection, refraction, magnification, polarization and diffraction were demonstrated to the kids. As an icing to the activities, he also did a session on construction of Kaleidoscopes. The photos here show how much the kids enjoyed the activities!!!


Hence proven: Light and Optics truly reaches far and beyond.

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