Week of Science 2017 – Understanding the reality beyond perception

As a part of Week of Science, conducted in collaboration with Community of Madrid and IOSA student chapter, students and families from Madrid participated in workshops aimed at introducing the magical world of optics to the younger generation.

It is something that surrounds you, some of which you can’t even see, touch or feel, yet something that you use everyday and depend on it: The Electromagnetic radiation. Thus we came up with the theme of this time’s exhibition as “A journey through Electromagnetic Spectrum”. Workshops were focused on explaining and demonstrating different regions (visible and non-visible) of electromagnetic spectrum in an experimentally oriented, fun and interesting ways. Laser maze and Passport to all the participants with cool pictures and interactive activities added colour to the whole event.

Missed this year’s week of science workshops? Don’t worry. Stay tuned and save the date for next year.

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s Week of Science optics exhibition.





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