Week of Science 2018

As every year, IOSA participated on Week of Science. Our activity consisted on a “Spectrum challenge”, where each children had to solve different questions related with different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. We explained them many things with our workshops to help them to solve the challenges. Some of them where: communication, fluorescence and UV, ray tracing, color, optical and IR. At the end of the gymkana, the had to cross our typical laser maze! It was really fun for everybody and you can see  in the photos bellow:


Who is the murderer? UV and fluorescence show us!:

Here we learn about colors:

Tyndall effect workshops help us to explain how to drive light using water, and then we move to optical fibers:

Learning how lenses work is easier with ray tracing worshop. Everybody wanted to tray: 

Optical ilusions are always amazing to see:


We tried our new IR camera. Children had to look for an object in a dark room:

Here you can how we prepare the different objects in the dark room:

Preparing the laser maze:

And the finished laser maze!:

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